Giants of the Mesozoic

Fernbank Museum's Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit is a stunning display of reconstructed and cast dinosaur remains.
Giants of the Mesozoic
Atlanta, GA
In a setting straight out of Spielberg, the Fernbank Museum is staging a display of the "Giants of the Mesozoic," with skeletal replicas of monsterous dinosaurs caught in the eternal struggle for existence.

First to arrive at the Fernbank was Giganotosaurus, a 47-foot meat-eating dinosaur that will soon (by spring 2001) be confronting an Argentinosaurus, a 100 foot plant-eater. Giganotosaurus, installed on June 25, 2000, was joined in the Great Hall by two Anhanguera, flying pterosaurs that landed at Fernbank in November.

The Argentinosaurus, which weighed in at over 100 tons and topped over 70 feet in height, had to confront herds of Giganotosaurus when the two species roamed what is now Argentina's Patagonia region, if current theories on dinosaurs are correct. The reconstruction, made of plaster casts of the original, will be the first fully mounted Argentinosaurus in the world, another triumph for Fernbank Musuem, and Atlanta.

"Giants of the Mesozoic" is another stunning Fernbank original, one of literally dozens of exhibits and events the Musuem houses every day. Completed in conjunction with the Museo Carmen Funes in Plaza Huincul, Argentina; the municipality of Plaza Huincul; the government of Neuquén Province, Argentina; and Dinosaur Productions, Inc., it is the one thing in Atlanta I couldn't have lived without seeing as a youngster!

The display is open during regular Museum hours (Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. , Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.). While you're at Fernbank, you can visit other equally as fascinating exhibits, like A Walk Through Time in Georgia, a stroll through 18 galleries, re-creations and theaters that follow the development of the earth through a Georgia perspective.

Or try Cultures of the World, with over 200 beautifully designed ornaments from cultures throughout the world; Sensing Nature, a trip through our five senses; The First Georgians, which presents an overview of Georgia's prehistoric settlers; or the Childrens Discovery Rooms, where the basic concepts of nature are brought to life for children aged 3-5.

Fernbank Museum, at 767 Clifton Road, N.E., is one Atlanta experience you'll not soon forget!

Museum Admission Prices:
Adults: $8.95
Students and seniors (62 and over): $7.95
Children 3 to 12: $6.95
Museum members: Free

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