Dragon Con is the largest convention of science fiction, horror and fantasy fans in the US.
Atlanta, GA

Once a year Atlanta is invaded by aliens - and monsters, and fairies, and goblins... yep, it's time for Dragon*Con again!

September 1 - 4, 2017
Various Locations

The United States' largest science fiction, fantasy, and cult media convention descends on Atlanta every year with hordes of costumed fans - 20,000 plus - crowding Downtown with the oddest collection of individuals even this jaded city has seen!

Dragon*Con is in it's second decade of bringing together fans of science fiction, horror and related genres to attend seminars, art shows, theater groups, and tons of gaming events.

There are always a host of celebrities and musical acts at Dragon*Con. The list of celebrities from previous years was impressive - Linda Blair, Ted Raimi, David Naughton, Traci Lords, and A.C. Crispin. The event was previously hosted by Star Trek's Lt. Uhura - Nichelle Nichols.. so don't miss this year's event!

Click here for a full schedule of Dragon*Con events.

Dragon*Con is one of the most bizarre conventions you'll find in Atlanta, and one of the most entertaining! If you have any interest whatsoever in the alternate worlds of science fiction, fantasy role-playing, horror, or cult fiction don't miss this annual nightmare!

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