Rum Runner's

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Published date: April 17, 2013
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Rum Runner's

Come experience a tropical paradise filled with great food, drinks, and entertainment at its best! Finally you have a wild tropical getaway that is close to home.

130 Fisherman's Cove
Sandestin, FL 32550
Phone:  (850) 351-1817
Reviews: 1 Review
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The main attraction at Rum Runners® is the award winning food, wide variety of live entertainment, and fun upbeat tropical island atmosphere. This includes interactive entertainment ranging from the world famous dueling piano show, acoustic performances, “open mic” shows, DJs and other live events including sporting events featured on our many TV’s! The wide variety of music, audience participation, high energy level and sheer FUN has made Rum Runners® one of the busiest casual dining and entertainment venues in the country. The company’s motto is: Great Food, Great Music, Great Fun!

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