Essential Lists for Long Car Trips

Packing for a long car trip doesn't have to be a hassle! We'll tell you everything you need to know to make your travel by car easier.
Your first task? Check and re-check the car. Nothing will turn a trip into family horror story quicker than car trouble.

Before you leave:

- Make necessary hotel, restaurant, & event reservations
- Give contact info to family, neighbors in case of emergencies
- Get a cell phone if you don't have one

During the trip:

- Maps & travel guides
- Flashlight
- Medications
- Credit cards and/or Traveler's Checks
- Cash (enough to cover small emergencies)
- Scissors/knife (collapsible)
- Small cooler w/snacks, variety of drinks
- Extra Car Keys (someone other than driver should have)
- Pillows (small)
- Motion sickness drugs (Dramamine tablets and Scopamine patches)
- First Aid Kit
- Auto info (drivers license, insurance & registration paperwork)
- Games, books, & magazines for the kids or other passengers
- Moist towellettes

At your destination:

- Maps & travel guides
- Weather-appropriate clothing
- Toiletries
- Sunscreen
- Camera
- Events tickets
- Credit cards and/or Traveler's Checks
- Cash (enough to cover small expenses)
- List of at least 3 local fun "things to do" (print out from travel sites)

When you get home:

- Door keys (you'd be surprised...)
- Contact info for hotels/resorts (for items left behind)