Emilio Molina from Kaiyo Grill - Celebrity Chefs

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Published date: April 10, 2013
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Emilio Molina from Kaiyo Grill - Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chefs featuring Emilio Molina from Kaiyo Grill in Key West, FL.

Website:  Kaiyogrill.com
81701 Old Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036
Phone:  305-664-5556
Reviews: 1 Review
Kaiyo Grill
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Since 2002 Kaiyo has become a landmark, heralded for its fresh Sushi, inventive Asian cuisine and a Connoisseurs' wine list featuring specialty Sakes with inviting names like 'Dreamy Clouds' and 'Star Filled Sky'.

Beckoning locals who appreciate great food and exceptional service, travelers making their way through the Florida Keys and tourists enjoying their Islamorada vacation, Kaiyo Grill is lauded for the "freshest Sushi in all the Keys!"

Food Type: Seafood
Meal Served: Appetizers, Dinner
Listing Management: Update Listing