POST HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE: The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Womankind

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Published date: September 22, 2017
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POST HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE: The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Womankind

Many people have asked how they can help with the rebuilding effort in the Florida Keys & Monroe County in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Please consider sharing and donating to some of the causes below!

The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition : The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition is seeking funding to help clients of FKOC's homeless shelters and supportive housing programs that have been evacuated to FIU, funding for their prevention and intervention services which will be helping community members with rent, necessary living expenses, replacement clothing, food, relocation funds, and other needs throughout all of Monroe County. Give at

Womankind: Womankind is a health care provider for women, men, and teens in the Lower Keys. They will work with their patients as they all recover from the storm to ensure that their family planning and health care needs are being met. Many of their patients are service industry employees who depend on tourism. As our tourism economy regenerates, Womankind will offer reduced cost services so no one is left without the care they need. More info at