Lacie Maninga from Key West Derby Dames

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Published date: May 15, 2017
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Lacie Maninga from Key West Derby Dames

Key West Derby Dames is a women’s flat track roller derby team that was founded in August 2013. They entered their first bouting season in 2015.

Their goal is to create a supportive network of women that compete in the fast-paced sport of women’s flat track roller derby. They are an organization run entirely by skaters, with each skater contributing her own unique skills on and off the track. As the southernmost derby team in the U.S., they are proud members of the community, partnering with local charities and participating in local events.

They are comprised of successful women skaters of all age ranges and walks of life. When they are off our skates, they are in the community as nurses, mothers, social workers, artists, educators, scientists, and members of the military (just to name a few). Their members live all up and down the Keys, from Tavernier to Key West.
They always looking for new women and men to get involved in the league — be it as skaters, referees, or non-skating officials