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Top 10 Holiday Activities in Myrtle Beach
Check out our list of the top ten holiday activities on the Grand Strand!
10 Interesting Facts About the Grand Strand
It's always fun to visit a new place and explore new things, but when you are visiting the Grand Strand there are many historical, interesting and even downright weird facts you may not know...
A Twist on the Ten Favorite Places to Shop in the Grand Strand
As rich and wonderful in history and natural beauty as SC's coastline is, it is similarly rich in secondhand shops, roadside must-stops and antique stores.
Beach TV Now Airing in HD!
The Grand Strand’s coolest beach channel is now even cooler in high-definition! Time Warner added Beach TV HD on Channel 1160 on the north and the south end!
Ten Favorite Activities  for All Ages Along Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand
Here are my ten Favorite ways to have fun for All Ages Along Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand.
Golf the Grand Strand
Golfing the Grand Strand is a duffer's dream. With over 120 courses and more entertainment options than Orlando, it's on every golfer's must-do list.
What's a Calabash?
Calabash is a quaint waterfront town on the Calabash River with a very interesting story!
SHAGGING on the Beach, BABY!
Shag is a dance craze phenomenon that has become a way of life!
Georgetown...Circa 1526
Georgetown had its earliest beginnings in 1526 as the probable site of the first European settlement in North America!
What a Grand Strand!
The Grand Strand is also well stocked with nightclubs, discos, sports bars, beach clubs, and other hot spots.
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