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Fall in Myrtle Beach
Everyone loves Myrtle Beach…it’s a casual, friendly beach town and it’s FUN! The whole town is down to earth…even the nicest restaurants in town don’t require a jacket…for in a beach town...
Only at the Beach!
Myrtle Beach is a fun, lively, bustling beach town during the summer season, with millions of visitors choosing to spend their vacations on the Grand Strand year after year.
Hot Fun in the Summertime
In a city with more than 100 golf courses, summertime is tee time...but if you're not playing golf, you're on the beach enjoying the surf and sand...or floating away in the all...
Myrtle Beach History and Culture
The Grand Strand has had a long and colorful history, and history is still being made as this popular beach resort continues to grow and prosper.
The History of the Shag
What is "Shag" you ask? It's a phenomenal dance craze that started in Myrtle Beach in the 40 and 50's. Local teens invented the dance step that is most suited to Rhythm &...
Myrtle Beach Ghost Stories
Myrtle Beach has a rich history, complete with fanciful ghost stories.
Journey down the Marsh Walk
I grew up in Ohio and every year, like most traditional families, we would take our summer vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. As part of our preparation, our family would discuss and plan an itinerary...
Kayaking the Black River
No other Atlantic state can boast of as much coastal marshland as South Carolina...armed with a Kayak and a paddle, the adventurous person can discover the tranquility and beauty of the marshlands.
Legends of the Grand Strand... Pirates and Ghosts!
The Grand Strand's storybook history of legends and ghosts.
As Good as It Gets
Myrtle Beach is not just the beach anymore... even the shag palaces with their beach music and shag dancing are only a small part of this entertaining puzzle called Myrtle Beach.
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