Myrtle Beach By Car

Once you're here, finding your way around will be a cinch.
Myrtle Beach, SC
More than 75 percent of visitors to the Myrtle Beach area use an automobile as their mode of transportation. U.S. Highways 17 and 501, and South Carolina Highways 9 and 544, provide direct access to the Myrtle Beach area. Interstate Highways 95 and 20 provide outlying connections to these routes.

Once you're here, finding your way around will be a cinch. In order of proximity to the beaches, Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway (also known as Hwy. Business 17) run north and south along the Grand Strand. They are intersected by sequentially numbered east-west avenues.

Of course you'll have to learn the lingo. The Highway 17 Bypass is referred to by locals as simply "the bypass". It is the Grand Strand's westernmost route running parallel to the ocean. The Bypass begins in Murrells Inlet and continues northward until it merges with Kings Highway just before the restaurant Row district.

Driving Tips
The weekends are the busiest time to drive into and out of Myrtle Beach. If you do come on the weekends, come very early or late afternoon to avoid the worst of the traffic. When leaving, it is best to also leave early (before 9:00 am) or early afternoon or later.

Plan to use either 17 Business or 17 Bypass. Almost everything you need or want are on these two roads. Beware of people walking downtown and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE, there is a stiff penalty!

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