Battleship North Carolina Captain Terry Bragg - What's Your Story?

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Published date: April 17, 2013
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Battleship North Carolina Captain Terry Bragg - What's Your Story?

What's Your Story? featuring Battleship North Carolina Captain Terry Bragg.

1 Battleship Road
Wilmington, NC 28402
Phone:  910-251-5797
Reviews: 1 Review
Battleship North Carolina
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On tour since 1941! Every day the ship is open for your family and friends to tour the most decorated US Battleship of WWII. Come aboard and explore nine decks, crew's quarters, gun turrets, and much more. This is a tour you won't want to miss!

Listing Location: One hour North of Myrtle Beach, SC on Highway 17 at the Junction of Hwy.17, 74, 76, 421 across from Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC.
Listing Business Hours: 8am-8pm 8am-5pm.
Listing Management: Update Listing