Juan Carlos Gonzalez from SoBou - Celebrity Chefs

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Published date: April 10, 2013
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Juan Carlos Gonzalez from SoBou - Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chefs featuring Juan Carlos Gonzalez from SoBou in New Orleans, LA.

Website:  Sobounola.com
310 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone:  (504) 552-4095
Reviews: 3 Reviews
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The Commander's Family of Restaurants returns to the French Quarter, where the family business began in the 1950's, with our Spirited Restaurant - SoBou. We're South of Bourbon , in the land of civilized drinking and worlds away from the oversized beers and bad frozen drinks. Our modern Creole saloon is a Louisiana-centric and street food inspired restaurant with a beverage focus.

As we developed the SoBou concept, cocktails and the warmth of a saloon or tavern environment were very much on our mind, but our saloon had to have serious food - dishes you find yourself craving. For us, the food is always center stage, but stage right are the cocktails and stage left is the wine.

SoBou is inspired by our family's colorful time at the Absinthe House, as well as by the great barkeeps as far back as the inventor of the Sazerac in New Orleans, Antoine Peychaud, all the way to today's King Cocktail Dale DeGroff. Our reverence for a well-run tavern where the food makes your eyes roll back in your head and the showmanship of the bartender pales next to the beauty in the glass - that's the kind of joint we imagined. Classic but current, not weighted down by the past, but fueled by it, professional but unserious; an entire spirited restaurant where everyone seems to have an "I just did something slightly naughty" perpetual grin on their face like BarBar, our elephant.

BarBar has that SoBou style - he's debonair, but always up to something. He has plans and you can join him at any point
along the way.

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