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Published by: TripSmarter.Com
Published date: March 21, 2014
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This legendary restaurant located in New Orleans, Louisiana is recognized throughout the world as the King of Cajun Dine and Dance halls. Mulate's features live Cajun music and dancing along with great authentic Cajun food seven days a week. Mulate's is a place where Cajuns come to celebrate their heritage and the world comes to join them in their celebration.

201 Julia St
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone:  (504) 522-1492
Reviews: 3 Reviews
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Located directly across the street from the Convention Center, Mulate's invites you to experience live Cajun music and authentic Cajun cuisine seven days a week. Our service is unsurpassed and menu favorites include our zydeco gumbo, blackened alligator, fresh fish specials, and our world-famous bread pudding with butter rum sauce. Mulate's Party Hall is located adjacent to the restaurant is a popular spot for private functions.

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