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Published date: January 15, 2014
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Located on picturesque Jackson Square at Le Petit Theatre, Tableau is Dickie Brennan’s newest restaurant.

The menu, developed by Chef Ben Thibodeaux, showcases regional ingredients and classic French Creole dishes with a unique twist. The cuisine is sophisticated, yet true to tradition, with great depth of flavor. Guests enjoy a front row seat to the culinary action beside the open kitchen in the restaurant’s main dining room.

616 St. Peter Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone:  (504) 934-3463
Reviews: 2 Reviews
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Tableau is Dickie Brennan's latest production and features lauded Louisiana Creole dishes prepared by our talented chef, Ben Thibodeaux and his equally talented culinary team. Look for traditional Creole dishes with an updated approach. A star of the menu will be the ten or more traditional French sauces that will be made daily by the house saucier.

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