About Us

TripSmarter.Com is the travel website of Destination Network and serves as an online platform for delivering content produced by our television stations.
About Us

Beautiful, warm, colorful, playful, always fun and occasionally awe-inspiring, TripSmarter.Com is part of the Destination Network - a unique group of Visitor Information television stations located in popular travel destinations in the Southeast United States. TripSmarter.Com provides visitors with facts and insider info they need to make the most of their vacations, and serves as a trusted advisor to locals on leisure time indulgences. Available anytime, anywhere, TripSmarter.Com features award-winning video content, restaurant reviews, special event updates, nightlife and entertainment reviews, sports, arts, culture and rare insider information on up and coming trends. TripSmarter.Com is 100% good news! No other website offers this kind of hyper-local insight to the cities we serve… all in beautiful high definition video and informative, entertaining articles.... written and produced by some of the most talented professionals in the field. TripSmarter.Com is filled with gorgeous visuals and colorful reporting by real people who actually live and play in the markets we feature!

TripSmarter.Com has become one of the leading travel resources for the Southeast United States by building on more than twenty-five years of premium content produced by Destination Network's TV stations. TripSmarter.Com is unique among travel and tourism websites and has evolved to include HD video (on-demand and LIVE streaming!), the highest-quality live cams available online, a one-of-a-kind business directory with local reviews, the most current and complete event calendars for our markets, entertaining articles and a monthly newsletter full of great travel advice.

TripSmarter.Com has also expanded its reach beyond traditional web traffic by launching a useful mobile site along with apps for mobile devices and connected TVs. Our goal has always been to help travelers make the most of their trip by providing the most entertaining and useful information in the formats our viewers prefer, delivered across the most popular platforms available. We accomplish this with lots of dedication, hard work and creativity, but we still make time to have some fun and take chances. It's who we are. (meet the gang!)

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