Top Ten Places To Relax in New Orleans

Check out our list of the Top Ten Places To Relax in New Orleans.
Top Ten Places To Relax in New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
10. Landry's on the Lake
Located in the West End neighborhood and right on the water, Landry’s is the probably the best place for a seafood restaurant. Nestled along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain on Lakeshore Drive, Landry's serves classic fish specialties, succulent steaks and mouthwatering desserts, all from New Orleans's only waterfront restaurant with a view of Lake Pontchartrain. Take in the sight with some amazing food.

9. Jackson Square
All places in the French Quarter aren't loud and rowdy. Go to Jackson Square and experience the softer side of the French quarter with less greenery and soft music in the background you can relax yourself while taking in a palm reading or looking at one of the street performers that make their living in front of St. Louis Cathedral.

8. City Park
One of the oldest parts in the country and 50% bigger than New York's Central Park city park is a wonderful place to go to people watch. Whether it's taking their morning jog or strolling through before hitting the museum. So stroll park skip rocks on the many ponds walk through the peristyle or simply climb one of the trees it's definitely a wonderful place to go for locals and tourists alike.

7. French Market
This market was definitely made for browsing. Located at the very end of the French Quarter and close to the Bywater neighborhood, this is a must see for anyone visiting the city for the first time. Join the rest of the patrons as you stroll around casually through this open air shop while taking in the sights and sound of the city.

6. Sunset at Tableau
Take advantage of the new Tableau restaurant and have your meal on the second floor balcony. There you can take in the sights and sounds of the quarter at sunset from a beautiful vantage.

5. Ride the Ferry
Tired of admiring the mighty Mississippi from afar? Take a ride on the Canal St Ferry (MAKE SURE is the Canal and not the Gretna Ferry, as Gretna only goes one way.) Making trips from Canal street to Algiers twice every hour, the ferry is a great to just sit and cruise back and forth across the river while getting some of the prettiest vies of downt5own New Orleans that you can find. Oh, did I mention its free?

4. Audubon Park
Located directly across from Tulane University Audubon park is the perfect place for a lazy stroll on the path that goes arouind the park (4 times around is a mile.) Feed the ducks in the pond on the east side of the park, and when you’re done, take a visit to the Zoo, it’s a short walk away!

3. Ride the St. Charles streetcar
Yet another Lazy day activity, hop onto the St. Charles streetcar at Canal and Carondelet and rid to the end of the line(located at Claiborne and South Carrollton.) For just 1.25 one way, you can give yourself a personal tour of New Orleans; From the CBD to Lee Circle to Uptowon New Orleans, the Riverbend(Where St. Charles turns and become Carrollton and the Mississippi River bank “bends” to the north) and the Garden District.

2. Sit on the bank of the Mississippi River at Dumaine
Cop a squat right on the bank of the Mississippi River and take in the sounds of the city. Hear the Stamboat’s music, people watch as the joggers go by or catch the fresh smell of coffee and beignets from Café Du Monde. Why Dumaine? During late summer, the river’s levels have a tendency to go down, exposing a sandbar which gives the bank a beach look to it. Try not to walk on it though, as is ts very unstable. It’s still pretty to look at.

1. Visit the Lakefront
A sort of “Best kept secret’ for locals, the south shore banks of Lake Pontchartrain has been the “chill spot” for locals ever since the early 20th Century. Once home to Pontchartrain Beach, closed over 30 years ago, the Lakefront is the home to fishing, parties, and more barbecues and and crawfish boils than I could possibly imagine. The best areas are at the end of Franklin in the Gentilly Neighborhood(not to far from the old Pontchartrain beach site and the University Of New Orleans,) and at the very end of Williams Blvd in Kenner next to the Treasure chest casino in an area called Laketown. Laketown is just a few miles away from Armstrong International Airport, so take a moment to exhale on the lake befor you make your way home.

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