The History of Spring Break

Panama City Beach and everything it has to offer from the best beaches, the best bars and the best concerts and clubs will be here waiting for you.
The History of Spring Break
Panama City Beach, FL
Beer, babes and oh yeah beautiful beaches why wouldn’t you come here for spring break? Maybe you fell asleep in History class, but this is one lecture you won’t want to miss. That’s because I plan to school you on the history of Spring Break. As the Beastie Boys once said. “You gotta fight for your right to party” so this is a solute to all those who paved the way to Panama City Beach and the best week of your life.

It all started after World War II ended (hey, maybe that’s what all the fighting was really about…) You can thank an old geezer by the name of George Gill Jr.. But think of him as a cool old geezer type- like Hugh Hefner, because Gill was refered to as, "the Father of Fort Lauderdale spring break." It all started when Colgate University men's swimming team went to practice in Ft. Lauderdale over school break in 1935… and where there are boys in speedos the girls are sure to follow. So Gill capitalized on this and Spring Break was born. But then things started getting rowdy, so of course the cops were called, in this case the locals called for a government restriction on parties in 1985. And like that wasn’t enough of a buzz kill, the minimum drinking age was changed from 18 to 21. Hmmm… now my guess is that if you’re smart enough to get into college, pass fall sememester and make it all the way to Spring Break, then you are probably clever enough to find a way around this new law. Not ones to let “the man” put them down college students got crafty- they stating going to Mexico – where no one cared what they did or how much they drank. Most of Mexico was already a dump so what harm could they really do, right? Spring breakers also said to hell with Ft Lauderdale, we’ll go to Daytona, but then in the mid 90’s Daytona got ticked off at the mess Spring Breakers left behind and started making it difficult for Breakers to have a good time.

Freedom from mom & dad, frat parties, cliff notes… none of these things come close to the best thing that ever happened to college students. It was MTV bringing the party to Panama!. With so many schools in driving distance, cheap hotels rooms, and the best beaches around it was quick to become the best Spring Break destination in the country.
Spinnaker Beach Club hosted the first ever MTV Spring Break Broadcast in the early 90’s and then from 1996 through 1998, MTV named another PCB hangout, Club La Vela, the official headquarters of Spring Break. They built it, and everyone came even celebrities like LL Cool J, Pauly Shore, The Spice Girls, Dennis Rodman, Vivaca A Fox (ok, so this may sound more like a Dancing With The Stars lineup now, but, remember this was the late 90’s- these were actual celebrities then- yes, even The Spice Girls).

MTV is back hosting infamous parties for Spring Breakers in Panama City Beach and continue to sponsor everything from concerts to booty shakin’ contests. So, unless you want to be ungrateful to all those who gave you your right to a week of exam free, half-naked sinful fun under the hot Florida sun you best book a room now for the best week of your life. Panama City Beach and everything it has to offer from the best beaches, the best bars and the best concerts and clubs will be here waiting for you. If you think you can handle it…

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