Spring Break Hangover Cures

Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL!

You're going to drink and you're going to be hung over. Here are a few home remedies to get rid of that nasty hangover...

Cold water
Cold water -thrown in the face, drank, or immersing oneself in- has behind it centuries of standing as a proper hangover cure. Shocking the flesh and cooling the blood, icy water not only reinvigorates the body, it purges and refreshes the soul. That said, it sucks.

Sometimes the only right action is to stop everything, go to the nearest eggs 'n coffee house and order any item on the menu that contains, or could contain if requested, grease. Eat. Repeat. (see Breakfast, see Vomiting)

New Orleans Cure (Voodoo against bottle)
Associates in The Big Easy report that using Voodoo against the offending bottle(s) is the only practical way to prevent the old morning-after. Before opening a bottle, curse it. This should scare away angry demons.

After emptying one, drop in a cigar ash and mutter soothing words of atonement and one-ness with the spirit of the spirits. It is important to always have your mojo workin' when performing this rite.

Hangovers are considerably worsened by drinking on an empty stomach. Without food to soak it up, alcohol is absorbed much more quickly into the body. As well, lack of the missed meal's nutrients weakens the body's capacity to resist fatigue. For many of the same reasons, breakfast is essential to recouping from a hangover. It can be overdone. (see Vomiting, see Grease)

An old saw passed through generations of college dorms, frat houses, and army barracks holds that vomiting, self-induced or naturally occurring, will prevent and/or cure hangovers. Last resort. (see Breakfast, see Grease)