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Margaritaville Hotel in Pensacola, FL
On June 28th, the Margaritaville Beach Hotel opened as the world's first Margaritaville Hotel on the barrier island of Pensacola Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. After two years in the making, the...
Winter in Pensacola is Fabulous!
There's something wonderful about Pensacola in the winter months... try it and see!
Take Me Out to...the FAIR!
Florida has its own share of fairs, but one of the very best and certainly one of the largest is held every year in Pensacola...long after summer has passed. The Pensacola Interstate Fair arrives on...
Pensacola's Surrounding Beaches
Learn all about the beach communities surrounding Pensacola, Florida.
Plenty to do in Pensacola!
Pensacola is the land of long, white, empty stretches of gleaming beaches and a festival a minute!
Pensacola Little Theatre is a BIG Attraction!
It was 1936, and in the depression recovery, the Works Progress Administration created numerous theatre companies across the country. In Pensacola, it was the Civic Drama Players, incorporated one...
Kite Surfing: The Sky’s the Limit
Pensacola beach is enjoying a new extreme sport and lots of people, both spectators and participants, are taking notice…way up in the sky! It’s not a bird or a plane…but the wildest new water...
Pensacola History and Culture
Pensacola is among the few cities in America to boast such a long and varied history. Discover the rich texture of this Florida city's history
Ten Best Ways to Keep Your Beach Body in Pensacola
Check out this list of the Ten Best Ways to Keep Your Beach Body in Pensacola.
Go Green in Pensacola
There's no better place to ditch your car and "go green" than the Pensacola Bay Area.
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