Pensacola Greek Festival

Pensacola's Greek Festival presents an opportunity for everyone to become Greek for a day.
Pensacola Greek Festival
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Pensacola, FL

Ever heard of Ouzo? No, how about Bouzouki? No... where have you been all your life? Surely not in Pensacola during the annual Greek Festival!

Pensacola Greek Festival
October 7 - 9, 2016
Parish Hall

Once a year the citizens of Pensacola throw one of the happiest parties in town. The Greek Festival remembers the many Greek-Americans who have made Pensacola home and done so much to make the city what it is.

This is a Greek party, so expect there to be plenty of dancing, drinking and overflowing tables of food!

So you haven't heard of Bouzouki. Well, a Bouzouki is a stringed instrument like a guitar, that plays the distinctive music you associate with Greece.

And once the music starts, the dancing begins. Since it's a Greek custom to dance in long lines with linked arms, you really don't have to know the steps to join in! Just jump in, link your arms with the next two dancers, and try to keep up.

If you need a little "encouragement" before you dance, you'll want to try one of the Greek wines. Tsantali is the white and Retsina the red... and both are a vast improvement over the Ouzo!

For those who haven't tried this particular Greek specialty, just ask around. Someone will be happy to share a glass with you... although you might wish they hadn't!

Greek food is gaining in popularity in America, and one day at Pensacola's Greek Festival will tell you why. From delicious, flaky Spanakopita to loaves of Tsoureki bread to Tiropeta and Calamari there's something for every palette.

Pensacola's Greek Festival is a can't miss weekend of great food, good people, and memorable times. Don't miss it!

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