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    "Dinosaurs: When Giants Ruled" at Ripley's Aquarium!

    The innovative, educational and fascinating new exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium is definitely a Dino-mite Exhibit.

    Featuring life-size fully animatronic animals, several hands-on activities and nuggets of information about these great creatures, the exhibit will both entertain and educate visitors about the era when these amazing, massive creatures walked the Earth.

    Making the ground shake with every thundering footstep, Dinosaurs were some of the largest, most incredible animals ever to inhabit the Earth. There were more than 700 different types of Dinosaurs that lived all over the world. Some were very small while others were enormous. Some Dinosaurs looked utterly bizarre, while some might not look unusual if they were alive today. The Dinosaurs were one of the most successful groups of animals our planet has ever seen... then they vanished!

    "This is the first time that Dinosaurs have invaded Myrtle Beach. Not only will they be showcased in our 2,000 square foot exhibit hall, but the theme will be carried throughout the Aquarium. Our Feeding Frenzy Snack Bar will have a Dino themed menu, great merchandise in our Cargo Hold Gift Shop and even a Geode-splitter in our Discovery Center," said Chad Netherland, Director of Marketing of Ripley's Aquarium.

    The aquarium is located off of 29th Ave N. at Broadway at the Beach and is open 365 days a year. For information call 800-734-8888 or visit www.ripleysaquarium.com.
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