Check out our list of the Top Ten Places To Relax in New Orleans.

10. Landry's on the Lake
Located in the West End neighborhood and right on the water, Landry’s is the probably the best place for a seafood restaurant. Nestled along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain on Lakeshore Drive, Landry's serves classic fish specialties, succulent steaks and mouthwatering desserts, all from New Orleans's only waterfront restaurant with a view of Lake Pontchartrain. Take in the sight with some amazing food.

9. Jackson Square
All places in the French Quarter aren't loud and rowdy. Go to Jackson Square and experience the softer side of the French quarter with less greenery and soft music in the background you can relax yourself while taking in a palm reading or looking at one of the street performers that make their living in front of St. Louis Cathedral.

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Top Ten Places To Relax in New Orleans