The Marriott and the J.W. Marriott are still our faves in NO. JW is the former French Meridien and still has much of the charm. I have been staying at the other Marriott across Canal for over 15 years now and the bellmen and some staff remember me when I stop back in...THAT means they have been there as well. Good sign.

Location just off the Quarter gets you in and out in minutes. The memories of this place would take sitting down on the lobby for a cool one and chatting for about.....oh, a week.

About 12 Sugar Bowls, numerous New years, special trips with the wife and even some trips all by my lonesome are part of the scrapbook.

Last year near Christmas, I drove over from Destin JUST to eat at Mr. B's, walk the Quarter and return. A decompress if you will EXCEPT my stomach...

BUT that is another post altogether and I must go make my son his homemade Beignets now.

Great pool there as well.