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    2006 Party Announcement

    Our 2006 Party is On - Come Join Us This Year!
    MardiGrasQuest is very pleased to announce that we will continue our Mardi Gras traditon and have our 4th annual party at the "Bourbon Street Blues Company" in New Orleans. We debated long an hard about the situation and decided to keep on keeping on. If New Orleans ever needed us this is the year. We've been selling tickets each year to Mardi Gras newbies from around the world as well as seasoned party goers. We're proud of the party and need everyone out there to make a special effort to join our party this year. We've already sold 30% of our tickets so we're optomistic. We know the women will be there because I personal handle that guets list. I tell people "if it's me and 70 hot ladies and no other guys then that's great for me". Please check out our web site at http://www.MardiGrasQuest.com and spread the word. It's a 9 hour open bar & balcony on Friday the 24th from 6:00 til 3:00 the next morning. Come join us.
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